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EV Charging Rental

Convenient charging on-the-go

Rent a portable EV Charger

 Electomove offers portable EV chargers for rent to help EV owners charge their vehicles while on the go.

Easy Convenient

Renting a portable EV charger from Electomove is easy and convenient. Just book online and pick up the charger at a designated location.

High-Quality Chargers

Electomove’s portable EV chargers are high-quality, reliable, and efficient, ensuring that your EV is charged quickly and safely.

Enhance Your Travel Experience

By renting a portable EV charger from Electomove, you can enhance your travel experience and enjoy the convenience of charging your vehicle wherever you go.

Affordable Pricing

Electomove offers competitive and affordable pricing for its portable EV charger rental services, making it accessible to a wider customer base. The charger rental fee is considered to be $15 per day.


Electomove’s rental services are flexible, allowing you to rent a charger for a day, a weekend, or longer, depending on your needs

Download Our Mobile App for On-the-Go EV Charging

With our mobile app, finding and accessing EV charging stations has never been easier. Whether you need to charge up at home, work, or on the road, our app makes it simple and convenient. Download it today and start enjoying the benefits of electric vehicle ownership.